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For impeller applications, we recommend using the maximum specified current only to approx. 75%.

Manufacturer information:

  • The specified current is the maximum continuous gas flow with good cooling.
  • 6 to 14s LiPo, undervoltage reset or shutdown.
  • current limit
  • Undervoltage detection can be switched off.
  • Speed ​​control (governor mode).
  • Soft start.
  • Active freewheel, thus unlimited part-solid.
  • Automatic timing, or adjustable in 6 levels.
  • EMK brake adjustable.
  • F3A / Acro brake (brake intensity steplessly adjustable in flight).
  • Min and Max values ​​are logged in and out of the optional PC tool (eg power)
  • Speed ​​limit: 240.00 rpm (2-pole)
  • Overtemperature / overload warning
  • Anti-glare: reduces the switch-on spark.
  • Basic programming via mode setup.
  • Fine adjustment and choice of telemetry protocol via PC setup, suitable USB adapter is available.
  • Weight with / without cable: 126g / 178g
  • Dimensions: 72 x 52 x 28mm

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